Freedomsoft Review


Alright you’ve already started to see some of the hype from Preston Ely and the folks from Freedomsoft.

And you’re probably gonna see every guru on the planet promoting the Freedomsoft Software.

So -exactly what is Freedomsoft and how can it benefit you?

For starters, the Freedomsoft software is websites, it’s 1-click contract creation, email marketing, lead generation, property marketing syndication and more.

In addition to the software, it includes advanced real estate investing education from Preston Ely. If you’ve ever seen any of Preston’s videos or videos – it’s sure to be over the top.

In this video Preston Ely hints at what the software will do – watch –

For right now, Preston Ely and Pete the Ninja have given a ton of content and will continue up until their launch which is set for January 21, 2010.

So, regardless if you’re planning on investing in Preston’s Freedomsoft Software or not, you need to grab all the free stuff they’re giving out. Seriously, some of the information they’re giving away for free is better than what many gurus are charging thousands of dollars for.

Freedomsoft Software by Preston ElyOver the next couple of days, I’ll be shooting you some more updates and once I get an inside look, I’ll shoot you my official Freedomsoft Review and give you the dirt on everything it does.

For right now, they’ve just released they’re million dollar blueprints for their wholesaling business. And just fyi- Preston is one of the top flippers in the country and is active in 35 states.

Pretty cool stuff-

You can grab the blueprints here

Freedomsoft Is Here

Preston Ely Rocks The House

If you haven’t seen the reality style show that Preston Ely and Pete The Ninja published for the upcoming Freedomsoft Launch, I encourage you to check it out.

The video shows them negotiating with sellers, Preston getting his hair done, fighting with other local investors and more.  It’s entertaining and you’ll learn some cool stuff too…

Check it out here [Read more…]

S.I.M.S. Review

Everyone’s been buzzing about Greg Clement and Jeff Walker’s Smart Internet Marketing Solution.

The Launch is just a couple of days away, so I thought I’d give you my .02…

In this video, there’s some pretty controversial stuff-

– dudes oiling each other down
– jelly fish mating
– and some exposure on the beach…

And yes, I also give you the lowdown

Have the creators of S.I.M.S. met their match?


Just wrapped up this crazy video…

Worst part is – I’m in it…

Check it out for yourself –

And if you want to get some cool free stuff (they’re giving away tons of content during this launch) visit: