Derek PierceDerek Pierce is a full time Real Estate Investor and the head of the SuccessREI Real estate investing blog.

About Derek Pierce:

Derek began Investing in Real Estate part time with the purchase of his first house in September of 2000. After this first deal, Derek became obsessed with buying and selling homes and never looked back. After being faced with the possibility of being downsized in 2001, he quit his job to become full time in the business and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he teaches others the exact strategies he used for creating profitable real estate deals without going to the bank.

Derek’s Strong Points: Being able to quickly analyze deals, putting creative deals together that seem impossible. Approaching deals from every angle possible.

Derek’s Biggest Mistake: Attempting to do to many deals over too many markets. Tried to build business wide instead of deep.

On a Personal Note

Derek is married to his wife Laura and together they have one child – Dawson.

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