Deal Dog App Review – Does It Work?


Want to have deals delivered to you from inside an app?

How about having a software that fetches real estate properties from within you’re area?


I came across an app called Deal Dog and I’m including a review video below of the software in action.

What is Deal Dog?

Deal Dog is an app from Connected Investors that allows you to quickly locate deals within your own backyard.

It scours the web to bring you deals to your email inbox.

Think of this like you’re own team of real estate bird dogs without having to leave the house – just fire up the app and let it do the work.

We all know – more deals mean more profits.

That’s what makes this app so unique – you can be doing more important things while this piece of software does all the work for you.

What about selling houses?

Right now, Deal Dog is giving a bonus upgrade for anyone that jumps on the software to a level 2 Connected Investors account which means you can have direct messaging to other Real Estate Investors and priority deals from within the Connected Investors dashboard.

What is the Pricing for Deal Dog?

The pricing is a $97 per month and well worth the investment.

Time is money and this will save you time and bring you deals all at the same time.

Think about it this way.

If Deal Dog brings you just 1 deal over the next year , you have the ability to 10x your investment from real estate.

It makes this a no-brainer.



Deal Dog App Review


Highly recommend the Deal Dog software from Connected Investors.

  • Ease of Use
  • Functions as Advertised

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