Well Done SRA Mark Forester


Last Wednesday I received a phone call from my best friend Thad informing me of the horrible news that his brother Mark had been killed in combat in Afghanistan. Mark was a Senior Airman Combat Controller

This page is dedicated to you- Mark and remembering your legacy and what a great man that you had become.

He was a wonderful person with an amazing family and truly will be missed.

He was the guy that every Mom wished their son would grow up to be, and he was the guy that every Dad that had a little girl would hope his daughter would end up with.

A class act all the way around.

It’s terrible that Mark is gone, however I’m extremely proud of Mark and everything he accomplished. While spending time with the family this week, I’ve heard countless stories from the family as well as guys he served with in the military about his courage, bravery, and acts of unselfishness, along with a commitment to being the best.

I remember the first time I talked with him when he decided to join the military but was still undecided what unit to list with..

I asked him – “what if you get sent overseas to fight?”

Mark replied – “that’s what I’m hoping for..”

And this was while President Bush was still in office and Mark said – “I would tell President Bush that I would be glad and honored to serve my country”

I got admit I was a little puzzled because after all this was my bud’s little brother – who never had a violent bone in his body, I never remember him getting angry, and was a stand up guy. One of the most kindhearted, fun guys you’ll know.

Never partied, never drank, clean as a whistle.

He continued by saying “God wants me to kill terrorist.”

And he just didn’t say it – he embraced the idea and was committed to carrying out his mission.

The last time I saw Mark was the night of his going away party, and he looked invincible – ripped and in the best shape of his life.

Mark was sickened by 9/11 just like everyone else, but Mark didn’t just talk about his frustrations – he did something about it.

And for that – I thank him.

And even though, Mark died at the young age of 29, he lived more life than most people experience in 100 years.

His death has rocked an entire town, and has forced many including myself to do some serious soul searching.

Mark you may be gone but never forgotten. We love and miss you…

This is the video slide-show that we compiled for Mark and his family.

Click below and the video will open in a new page, then click to play. You may need to give the file a minute to load due to the size-

Here’s another video showing the lighter side of Mark –

This flyover was done in memory of Mark at the 2010 Alabama vs Florida game just a couple of days after he was killed –

Here’s one of many news stories that have been done on Mark –

WKRG.com News

I will compile more as time permits


The family has set up a website in Mark’s memory full of pics, videos, and stories – take a look by clicking here



  1. Derek-
    Over this comments section it said “Speak Your Mind”. With your email and video’s, I have little else to say; you’ve spoken for me and so many others. You’ve reminded me so vividly of what real American’s and hero’s are made of. I can sum it up best by quoting the last 2 lines of the movie “The Bridges at Toko Ri” : “Where do we get such men? Where do we get such men?”

  2. I’m stationed at Pope AFB and when I heard about a combat controller that died in Afghanistan from Pope, I wanted to know more. Afterall, this was an Air Force brother, and someone I was stationed with. Although I didn’t know Mark, and had never even heard of him, I was saddened at the loss. I attended the memorial service that was held on base last week, and I was moved. I found myself wishing I had known Mark. As I walked back to my shop in silence after the service, I started to think about the person I was, the AIRMAN I was. I started recalling things I had complained about in my short Air Force career, small sacrifices I had to make. All which failed in comparison to the sacrifice Mark made. This has been a real eye opener. Mark was what everyone should strive to be, military or not. My thoughts and prayers go out to Mark’s family and friends, all of whom helped make him the person he was. I, among countless others, truly appreciate the sacrifice he made. God bless you all.

    A1C Brad Parks
    43d LRS
    Pope AFB

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