Kenny Rushing Releases Arbitrage Conspiracy


Here’s a cool new report called The Arbitrage Conspiracy from Kenny Rushing that I really think you’ll like 🙂

Kenny Rushing Arbitrage Conspiracy

And the best part is – during this launch for Bulk REO Trader – you’re getting it Free.

Plus, Kenny is doing something I wished I’d thought of – He’s giving away a house -actually 3 Houses.

What’s Arbitrage Conspiracy about?

It covers how Kenny almost lost everything due to the tough market that hit Florida in 2008 and how he recovered using Bulk REO’s and lives like a rockstar.

He shows you how to cherry pick and get deals for free – Free and Clear.

It’s cool because he talks openly about his adversities and how he overcame it all…

Once on the inside – you’ll get the details about the house giveaways…

All you have to do is grab your copy of the report here.

Get your copy and come back and let me know what you think…

Do you think this would be a strategy that you could use?


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