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Alright – by now you’ve heard a little something about Greg Clement’s SIMS 2.0, so let’s cut right to the chase with my official review of SIMS Profits and my exclusive SIMS Bonus package.  Ready?

SIMS is Closed!

First things first, when SIMS goes live there will be 2 different options for you…

The first option is the SIMS 2.0 Training and System which consist of the following:

  • You get 8 Training Modules along with 10 weeks of in depth coaching.  Each module is like an entire advanced real estate course by itself.  Here’s a breakdown of the 8 Modules:
  1. Module # 1 – Websites, Squeeze Pages, & Blogs – Even though the SIMS system will do most of this for you – this training is to help you understand how to run your real estate business with internet systems.  If you’re not web or tech savvy – don’t worry because the SIMS system will do most of this for you 🙂
  2. Module # 2 – Video Marketing. In this training, they’ll show you how to create videos to help you get  top search engine rankings, and more views driving massive amounts of traffic to your websites.  They’ll show you everything you need from equipment, to scripts, to using video to rank high in the search engines.
  3. Module # 3- Web 2.0 & Social Networking.  In this training, they’ll show you how to implement a Social Media strategy.  Since this is really the new medium that everyone seems to be buzzing about – it’s important that you integrate this right from the beginning.  You’ll see how to set up your social media accounts – which ones are the best and how to use it to build trust with your leads.
  4. Module # 4  -Influence & Persuasion. This training is all about conversions and how to use psychological triggers in your ads and negotiations.
  5. Module # 5 – Traffic – Probably the most important of all the trainings in my opinion.  Because if you fail to get traffic or leads, then you don’t really have a business.  And I really think they did a good job of giving you a plan to get traffic or increase traffic to your sites covering everything from Free Traffic (SEO) and paid traffic.
  6. Module # 6 – The Property Launch Formula – This one module of the entire SIMS package is worth the investment.  This one strategy will help you build a huge list of buyers.  And you’ll stand out from all the other competitors because no one else is doing this…  This technique is taking the concepts from Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula and applying it to real estate investing for selling houses fast.
  7. Module # 7 – Mobile Marketing – I was a Yanik’s Underground Seminar back in the spring and this is the new wave that everyone was buzzing about.  Think about it just for a second – how many people have mobile phones they use while they drive – checking facebook status and texting?  I’m definitely against the whole text and drive thing but I see it everyday.  We have gone nuts with the phones and in this module, Greg will show you how to capitalize on it.
  8. Module # 8 – Affiliate Income Streams – This module is huge because it shows you how to make money without even selling a house. Once you build a list of buyers and sellers – you can make money without even doing a deal through affiliate marketing.  Out of 100 prospective buyers – at best you’re only going to have 2- 3 that will make the cut- so what do you do with the other 98%?  Greg shows you how to profit from this other income stream.
  • Interactive Calls Based On Each Module
  • The Software which is Based on Open Road
  • 2 Tickets To SIMS Stock in San Diego where you get to work with Greg Clement and Jeff Walker for 4 days.
  • The SIMS System which comes with 21 Money Getting Websites
  • And you have 30 days to test it out…

This option for SIMS 2.0 is $1997

Now the 2nd option they have available is called SMP which stands for SIMS Marketing Partnership

This option is definitely not for everyone – it’s for those that really want to get serious about doing deals and taking action.

You get everything that was listed above and the following –

  • You get a Certified SIMS Consultant to work with your for 90 days.  I’m sure this is if you have any questions and to make sure you implement and take action.
  • Global Traffic Systems for top rankings in all major search engines.
  • The Local Branding Package to position yourself as the local area expert.
  • Sell Point Local Leader is something to give you first access to deals that come trough Sellpoint
  • Center of Influence Web Video Marketing System 10 long term list building videos
  • SMP Social Media System
  • A SIMS Certified VA or Training Program for your assistant
  • Done For Your Webinar Marketing System!

This package is for those looking to do more hands off and getting the system done for you.  I personally can’t give you an opinion on this package because I’ve not seen this package or taken part in it.

However, as I said before I know Greg and I know that if you put this to the test and it doesn’t work for you – then they’ll take care of you.

The price of SMP is $3997

Here’s My Take On It…

My opinion on SIMS is that it’s a great product, the technology is sound, and most importantly – I know these guys will take care of you…

Now with that being said – I don’t have a clue of what your financial picture looks like..

Only you can decide if you believe this works for you.  I’m simply here to offer my opinion and I give this package by highest recommendation…

I want to make it even better for you though with my official …

SIMS Profits BONUS Package

For anyone that purchases through my link here, will get the following:

6 Months of Personal Coaching. (This will include access to a private members area where we can communicate one on one, along with 3 Personal One on One Coaching Calls.  One call every other month) Value $2997

Real Estate Underground System Value $97

Preforeclosure Mastery System Value $297

And for the first 5 that order I will build you 2 different websites to help get more traffic to your sites and will work with you one on one to get you in the top 10 of Google. (Value $3000 +++)

Lastly, if you’re one of the first 5 to order the SMP package, you’ll get all that’s listed above and a new IPAD.

Wrapping this post up – I’m not going to pressure you to buy this –  that would be really lame.

You know if it’s right for you or not and if you’re ready then click on the link below:

SIMS IS Closed

Here’s How to be sure you get your SIMS bonus package –

  1. Clear all your cookies from your browser.  Here’s how
  2. Click on the link above
  3. Read the letter and grab all the freebies to see if Sims is right for you.
  4. If so, order the package when it becomes available.
  5. Send me a copy of your receipt here
  6. You will receive your package as soon as I confirm your purchase through my link  except for coaching packages and IPAD.  These will be delivered as soon as the refund period is over (Sorry no free loaders…:))

Talk Soon,

Derek Pierce


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  1. You should warn people that Realeflow also charges a monthly subscription of $100+…not just $1997 (which is super-expensive for what you get). And also tell people that Realeflow bills your credit card without sending you an invoice or receipt…so the only way you find out is by discovering it months later on your credit card statement. When this happened to me, they refused to refund the unauthorized monthly charges and then they cut off my account. So the $1997 that you state on this page turned out to be $2400+ WITHOUT access to the product.

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