5 Free Resources for Determining Market Value


Determining the market value of a property is more important now than ever before. You’re either going to know your numbers or you’ll get killed when you actually start  investing in real estate.

There’s no other option. Period.

And the good ‘ole intranet has made it easier for you and I to determine a property’s value, and even look at the exterior of a home without even leaving the house.

While there’s no substitute for knowing your own market and being clear on what’s happening in your own area.

These resources will help you to do your initial research to get a ballpark figure of what the home may be worth…

Without any more chit chat – here My Top 5 Free Resources for determining a property’s value (and in no particular order).

#1 Bank of America Home Appraisal

#2 Chase Home Value Estimator

# 3 Cyberhomes

# 4 eappraisal.com

This service also includes a Google Map of the property and pulls the estimates from Zillow and  Cyberhomes too.

# 5 Zillow.com

I want to emphasize that I use these tools for my initial research to quickly sift through the dead leads so that I can focus my energy and time on the deals that look to have potential.

These 5 resources should only be used to get a “ballpark” figure and nothing concrete.

Remember, this is a numbers game.

…And the quicker you can throw out the dead deals and focus on the deals that will actually make you money -then you’re on your way to faster, bigger paydays…


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