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Are There Easier Ways To Make Money In Real Estate Than This?

A couple of weeks ago, I was flipping channels when I caught a glimpse of some guy busting down doors of tenants, fat chicks getting naked, a woman beating the hell outta her husband and more. It's … [Read More...]


Chase Offers No Doc Refis -Are Banks Starting To Get the Hint?

You may be wondering if hell has officially frozen over because Chase began offering no doc refis and principal reductions to troubled homeowners... According to HousingWire - The five largest … [Read More...]

US Home Sales Drop

According to a new report today from The National Association of Realtors- "sales of previously occupied homes fell 5.4 percent in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.37 million homes. … [Read More...]


How To Generate Leads Online

Lead generation is the single most important factor in your real estate investment business. You need motivated seller leads to acquire deals, as well as simultaneously building and nurturing your … [Read More...]


Real Estate Investing – Getting Started

So, last week I was posed with this question - "I'm still working full time, - is it possible to get started with real estate investing if I'm bogged down by the J-O-B?" Which in turn made me … [Read More...]